Liquor Infused Desserts: Sure to be a hit at your next party!
Time to add a little twist to your next event? We've got the perfect thing to shake it up a little. Be careful though, or you may become three-sweets-to-the-wind.

Schwipped is a boutique company founded on the simple concept of taking two adult loves, sweets and alcohol, and blending them into a marriage of flavors that will have you re-thinking how you enjoy a good cocktail.

From Irish Car Bomb and Pina Colada shotcakes to Apple Caramel and Mango Mojito jell shots, we're taking everyone's favorite signature drinks and whipping them into shape. We are expanding and molding our menu to appeal to all seasons and holidays.

With creative minds and a different approach, we hope to infuse lives with fun by creating innovative ways to engage in a blitzful get together.  We are constantly looking for new ideas!

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